What we do

Sport programmes: the African Stars Football Team & the „Football against Racism” campaign 

The international language of sport is one of the most effective means to overcome communication difficulties among different nations. We have therefore designed several programs to promote tolerance by using sport as a mean to accomplish this end, especially among young people. Our African Stars football team has been a proud participant of several national and international tournaments, winning a number of prizes, including first place in the World Cup Against Racism tournment held in Italy in 2006. African Stars players have then joined the international “Football Against Racism- FARE” program and network: https://farenet.org/

Erasmus+ programmes

We also enthusiastically partner with organisations from other countries to carry out long-term projects related to social inclusion. Currently, we are involved in the project "Sport Inclusion of Migrant and Minority Women: Promoting Sports participation and leadership capacities" which aim is to encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities of women and girls with an immigrant or ethnic minority background through increased participation in sports an recreational physical activities: https://sportinclusion.net/ 
For the period 2020-2022 we are working on a project called "Set the Goal Changing habitsfor a Healthy Life" This project aims to provide a support system to young people through sports, specifically football. The project will introduce civic education in parallel with the promotion of sports activities, taking into account that young people with fewer opportunities face different types of obstacles that can lead to a lack of identity, a low level or lack of self-esteem, difficulties in their social relationships and a lack of self discipline that can lead to academic failure or the withdrawal of school.

Prison and camp visits

Since 1993 our organisation regularly visits Hungarian refugee camps and prisons hosting foreigners, trying to offer legal advice and providing for extra services, like giving information, delivering packages, books in native languages, support, keeping contacts with the families, and monitoring the respect of people’s rights.

Public events & cultural programmes

We want to reach as many people as possible through our cultural programmes and conferences. Since 1994, for instance, we take part and have a great time in organizing the famous African Festival in Budapest –check our newsletter for pictures! With these activities we involve as many participants as possible to show and share our experience and knowledge of African culture, traditions, values, music, dance and food, trying to promote the idea of an inter and multicultural society. 

Training programmes: promoting tolerance among students

Since 2003 we started the „Show red card to Racism” campaign in Budapest High Schools, with the aim of fostering tolerance and combatting discrimination among students. Our trainers and educator organise roundtables, lectures and public presentations about the Roma community, Africa, and Human Rights. Contact us for our tool kit! 

Language courses

Since 2006 our volunteers have been teaching Hungarian language classes for migrants and refugees: excellent English is not enough, being able to communicate in the local language is of fundamental importance for integration. We can also refer our clients to other schools in the city, write us for more information!   

Legal counseling 

Our legal experts offer free administrative legal aid and advice every month to approximately 20 refugees and migrants - mostly on residence permits, working visa, family reunification. We take care and accompany our clients for the entire duration of their procedings or trials, helping with filing applications, appointments with the Immigration Office, possible irregularities in their cases. In case of appeal we represent our clients to court hearings, also providing for translators.