Dear Colleagues, dear Friends:

Following the recent influx of refugees crossing into the EU, actors of the organised sport movement, as well as many new grassroots initiatives, have started to provide sport and leisure activities to the newly arrived migrants as a form of social inclusion. 

What is the current situation regarding the social inclusion of migrants, refugees and minorities across Europe? What role can sport volunteering play in the successful social inclusion and integration of migrants, refugees and minorities? What kind of strategy is needed on a local, national and European level?

 To address these and other questions, the European Sport Inclusion Network (ESPIN) is organising the European networking conference “Equal Access and Volunteering of Migrants, Minorities and Refugees in Sport” (25-26 November, 2016) in Budapest. The event will be held at the Central European University Conference Center and is hosted by the migrant-led NGO, Mahatma Ghandi Human Rights Organization (MGHRO)

The two-day event will see a strong involvement of grass-roots activists, sport stakeholders, migrant and minority groups, with a focus on Refugees and Roma communities, as well as human rights advocates, researchers and students. Translation between Hungarian and English will be offered.

Programme and Speakers

The programme and the list of speakers will be continuously up-dated, please check here

A short conference briefing please find here

 Registration and Accommodation

There is no conference fee, catering (including a networking dinner in the city center) will be offered free of charge. However participants are encouraged to donate, in order to support the work of Mahatma Gandhi Human Rights Organisation (MGHRO).

The organisers will not be covering travel and accommodation. Single rooms in a nearby hotel with breakfast will be offered for a rate of 50 € per night. 

You need to complete and return the Registration form to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it . The Registration form is available for download here . 

Please register by 7 November!

Looking forward to see you in Budapest !

Find the report of the 2011 event in Vienna here: