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About us

The Mahatma Gandhi Foundation for Gender and Equality – sister organization of the Mahatma Gandhi Human Rights Organisation, Hungary, Budapest - is a non-profit non¬governmental organization founded in 2016, in Gambia, by Mr. Gibril Deen of Gambian origin. We were registered under the Gambian laws in effect, and we intend to promote respect for the law and human rights. Our main focus is supporting gender equality and the rights of women in Africa. We cooperate with other international and local organizations, such as the United Nations and the African Union.



Women make up about half of the population, yet they are still viewed as lesser beings or secondary citizens in many places. They experience discrimination, violence in both physical and verbal form, both in public and private, both at the workplace or at home, they are the main targets of exploitation and deprivation.

We intend to change the above mentioned anomalies, and contribute to the emancipation of women.

Also the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation for Gender and Equality is a member of ÁHI Jóga Civil Organization for Sport.

 Our objectives are to:

Advocate for the promotion of a gender responsive environment and practices as well as the enforcement of human rights, gender equality and women's empowerment.

Initiate and accelerate gender mainstreaming in institutions, legal frameworks, policies, programmes, srategic frameworks and plans, human resources and performance management systems, resource allocation and decision-making processes at all levels.

Promote the development of guidelines and enforcement of standards against sexual and gender based violence and gender insensitive language and actions in the workplace.

Promote equitable access for both women and men to and control over resources, knowledge, information, land and business ownership, and services such as education and training, credit and legal rights.

Facilitate the implementation of remedial measures to address existing inequalities in access to and control over factors of production including land.

Services we offer: Legal and administrative help and services: free legal counseling and representation in legal cases, and in front of authorities. We also provide consultation on gender and refugee issues, both for employers and authorities. We visit prisons to observe the conditions of captives, and promote human rights in jails.


Tolerance education: we intend to hold tolerance lectures and trainings at schools and universities, informing the youth about human rights, and the importance of gender equality. We want to focus on contemporary issues especially such as female genital mutilation (FGM). ), Sport programmes: we will organize and participate in sports events, as we believe that sports is an excellent field to fight discrimination and promote equality, as everyone likes playing sports games, and teamwork strengthens cohesion among players. We will read the UEFA 10 points at the matches.

Other cultural and public events: we will organize other cultural events to promote African culture and involve all kinds of vulnerable societal groups, such as refugees, minorities, women and children.

Schooling programmes: our Hungarian office has partnership contracts with several universities such as the International Business School, Central-European University (, Metropolitan University, medic schools and others. We offer help with application and travel, so that more talented African students get the chance to study in Europe.

Volunteering: we are going to educate and train volunteers from Europe who can go to Gambia and help achieve our above goals. We are planning to send doctors, medics, and other highly skilled volunteers.



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