European Week of Sports, Tiszabura 1/10/2016
On 1 October 2016, the Mahatma Gandhi Human Rights Organisation and the local government of Tiszabura coordinated a football match for the European Week of Sport in Tiszabura, Hungary in partnership with ESPIN. The event was to support the integration of refugees and minority groups into the greater Hungarian society.  
The match was between football teams from Tiszabura and Turkeve, two towns in rural Hungary. These towns are both home to a significant Roma population. Tiszabura, especially suffers from a serious lack of government funding and economic development.

The target group of the event was a mixed group men between the ages of 18-40 years of age. The teams themselves were Hungarians, Roma, two Iranians and one German. The team members, coaches and referees consisted of 40 members and the event attracted a large audience with about 100 community members turning up to watch the match and cheer on their team. The Tiszabura team leaders, Imre Nagy and Béla Fehér, have solicited a migrant volunteer in the community who is originally from Pakistan. Currently he helps with cooking for the team at team events and, Imre Nagy, who is also the mayor of Tiszabura, is hoping to get him involved with more of the sport activites in the near future. It was a very successful event. Volunteers from the community made a delicious, giant cauldron of Hungarian lamb stew (pörkölt) with potatoes. Many other members of the community joined in with offerings of fruit, schnitzel and other snacks. The weather was perfect and the atmosphere was extremely friendly, with everyone involved in the game, people eating and laughing.
Our organisation presented trophies and medals for the players to encourge their participation. As they lined up to receive their trophies and medals after the match, they all seemed extremely happy and proud. See our photos :