Inclusion of migrants through volunteering in sports

European Sport Inclusion Network (ESPIN)


A brief summary of the project:

The overall objective of the project "European Sport Inclusion Network (ESPIN) is to promote social inclusion and equal opportunities in organised sport through volunteering of migrants and minorities and capacity-building in sport organisations.

There are two key areas of the ESPIN project.

First, to promote "social inclusion and equal opportunities through increased participation and equal access"

Second, to "promote voluntary activities in sport".

Sport and football in particular is celebrated as a synonym for fairness, equal opportunities and the ethos of the "level playing field". Club and national teams and athletes with minority background are seen as symbols of a successful multiculturalism across Europe. Despite the enormous potential of sport for social inclusion, problems of exclusion and inequalities continue to exist in sport.

The Special Eurobarometer on Sport and Physical Activity (2014) stated that 41% of all EU citizens do sport.

But participation is unequally divided between social groups: men participate more than women, especially when it comes to organized sport and younger adults, and there is a strong correlation between income, social status and economic situation. These inequalities can be traced back to structural barriers and discriminatory surroundings, which prevent women, socially and economically marginalized groups, in particular minority groups (such as ethnic, religious, sexual or gender minorities) from active participation.



A. Baseline Study-Access, Participation & Exclusion of migrants and minorities in European sport

Qualitative study on issues of access, participation and exclusion of migrants and ethnic minorities in European sport.

B. Supporting Volunteering of Migrants in Sports: Developing a European Quality Mark Scheme and Trainings

Developing a European migrants volunteering in sports Quality Mark Scheme and Trainings. This core module includes National Round Table Meetings, the recruitment of clubs and volunteers, a European Training Seminar in Dublin (12- 14 June 15) and National Training Workshops

C. FARE Action Weeks 2015: Raising public awareness on exclusion (8. - 23 October 2015)

Grass roots events with a focus on disadvantaged migrant and ethnic minority groups and the participation of female groups and young people

D. European Week of Sport 2016: Facilitating inclusive partnership events (September 2016)

Facilitating inclusive partnership events. Sport clubs & associations work closely with migrants to host inclusive events

E. Networking Conference: Levelling the Playing Field - Make Sport accessible for Minorities (Oct/Nov 2016, Budapest)

The project partnership encompasses NGOs and sport organizations from seven EU countries including Camino (Germany), UISP (Italy), Football Association of Ireland (FAI)Liikkukaa (Finland), Mahatma Gandhi Human Rights Organisation (Hungary), SJPF- Portuguese Players Union (Portugal), and VIDC-FairPlay (Austria) as the lead organization.

The ESPIN project is co-funded under the ERASMUS + Sport Programme / Call EAC/S11/13 - Collaborative partnerships in the sport field and Not-for-profit European sport events.

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