The Mahatma Gandhi Human Rights Organization is a Budapest based humanitarian organization that was created in 1992. The vision of the founder, Mr. Gibril Deen, is to fight for the rights of migrants and refugees, to combat racism and discrimination against foreigners and to encourage at all levels social inclusion in our community.



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Success for the educational program in the schools organized by Mahatma Gandhi Human Rights Organization.

In the last months several workshop have been presented in different schools of Budapest by MGHRO in order to speak about migration flows, the right of asylum and the refugee status.

The educational program is included in the wider project for social inclusion of migrants and members of minority groups aimed to combat intolerance and discrimination.

MGHRO strongly believes in the role of education in creating a more inclusive and tolerant society based on the respect of human rights and integration of foreign. Because of that MGHRO prepares lectures and workshop for students of different ages.

In facts young people are more receptive than adult of misleading speeches and racist discourses that lead to intolerance and closure towards migrants and foreign. Therefore MGHRO approaches them into the school in order to contrast the stereotypes and prejudices, often proposed by media or political parties.

The workshops and presentations aim to show who are displaced people, asylum seekers and refugees and why they are forced to ask protection to a foreign country.

Often students have not knowledge about the reasons that flee people to move and they risk falling in the simplistic idea that everybody wants to come to Hungary to steal jobs.

Nobody explain to them why asylum seekers are different from common migrants or why they have to enter in the EU illegally.

The lectures, through ensuring the active role of students and proposing case-base examples, want to make student reflecting on the phenomenon of forced migration and the vulnerabilities such people suffer from.

The presentations clarify the definition of refugee, set up the rights of asylum seekers and propose a brief description of the current scenario. However the aim is to make student as more participative as possible, thus they are asked to define by own words who is a migrant or who is a refugee or to find the limits of the international definition of refugees. Some case-based stories are proposed and students must to identify who can be recognized as a refugee and why, or guess the number of refugee in the world or in Hungary.

MGHRO has been always welcome by students that have been interested in the topic and they have participated in the activities proposed.

We wish we have provide them a good basis for understanding and analyzing the phenomenon through own mind without taking for granted what is showed in media and scream by governments.

Young people have the opportunities for making the society a better place where to live, meeting each other without barriers because of racism and intolerance. MGHRO recognized the role of them and it is working for enlarging the number of schools that participate to the educational program.

We thank Lakatos Menyhért Általános Iskola és Gimnázium,Lakatos Menyhért Általános Iskola és Gimnázium

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