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Budapest 22 March 2015

Second match for the African Stars Football Team and first victory for 5 to 0 against Kispesti Amatőr Team.

The willing to forget the defeat of the last week led the Team to play a very good match being more cohesive in defense and more intrepid in attack.

Despite some problems at the beginning and the risk to suffer from a penalty in favor of Kispesti Team, blocked by our goalkeeper, the African Stars Football Team reacted rapidly.

Good control of the ball, well communication between players and effective passes, led the Team to score the first goal at the 15th minute under Peter’s initiative quickly followed by the second one by Adbullahi.

The African Stars Football Team maintained the control of the game, reducing the opportunities for Kispesti to attack and damage the score.

Some breath-keeping moments at the 35th minute of the first time when the ball escaped away from the hand of the goalkeeper giving the opportunity, not finalized, for Kispesti to realize the first goal.

From its side the Team was not able to exploit a penalty for scoring another goal and a reduction of concentration and more relax made some problems in the defense and gave new opportunities for the Kispesti Team for affecting the result, but nothing to do in front of the good job of the goalkeeper of African Stars.

After that the African Stars reacted rapidly putting the rivals under continues pressure and creating good opportunities of attack. Finally Levente realized the 3rd goal at the end of the first time.  

Neither the interval reduced the determination of the Team that came back into the field more willing than ever to be protagonist of the game. In facts no ways for Kispesti Team to realize goals facing with a well-established defense.

Able to maintain the control of the game the Team responded swiftly and at the 35th minute of the second time Ali scored the 4th goal. After some minutes and other tentatives of attacks Abdullahi realized his second personal and 5th goal for the Team.

The match continued with no other changes and the final whistle marked the first three points for the African Football Team.

For sure the victory has been the result of the willing of the Team to exploit its potentialities and capacities, which it can be put in practice when it plays not as a group of single players, rather a team of friends who enjoy the fun of football.

Sunday March the 28th African Stars Football Team will affront Csabagyőngye Se and the presence of some supporters and friends will help the Team to continue on the good way it showed today. All of you are invited to join the Team

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